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Scrutiny Tackles The Danger Of Salt In Children’s Diet.

Scrutiny is set to tackle head-on, the issues and concerns surrounding unnecessarily high salt content in children’s diet.

Fergus Small, Managing Director of Scrutiny (outsourcing) Ltd says: “For too long the pupils’ freedom of choice, especially in cafeteria style feeding at the age of 11 plus, has been seen as the reason why the caterer cannot offer any limitations on what the individual child decides to take.

All too often you hear the caterer say that either they are “only responsible for five lunches out of a weekly total of twenty-one breakfasts, lunches or teas”, or that “you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink".

Whilst both of these arguments contain elements of truth, it shouldn’t stop the caterer from looking at innovative solutions that can then lead to an on-going commitment to reducing the level of salt intake.”

Working closely with clients including Hillside High School in Bootle, Scrutiny is developing a School Charter that will dramatically reduce the level of salt intake, and also at the same time, will reduce the level of fizzy drinks (with their own behavioural concerns) that have been needed as a direct consequence of the salt intake.

Headteacher at Hillside High School, Mrs. Shemilt says: “Whilst the School has already worked hard to gain accreditation from Sefton LEA for offering a “Healthy School Scheme,” the work we are now looking at with Scrutiny, will place us at the forefront of looking after our pupils diet as well as their education.”

Small concludes: “It seems incredible that food manufacturers are “hooking” children on high salt products from an early age, and this is now being evidenced in children as young as primary school age who display signs of vein and artery changes similar to those in adults with high blood pressure. Something has to change – and we are all responsible for making it happen.”


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