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At Scrutiny we feel it crucial, that clients understand our approach to contracted services.

Scrutiny clearly recognises the benefits that contracting services to a specialist supplier can bring to a client in terms of core business responsibilities.

Where clients do recognise the value of contracting services, we at Scrutiny do not advocate the return to an in-house arrangement but rather, that the contractor brings all its skills to bear on behalf of the client.

We are not anti-contractor, however, we do believe that such partnerships should be on an open and equitable basis.

Our approach is non-invasive in terms of the relationship that you have with the service provider. We work very much as an added resource to the client.

We are not the archetypal consultancy which borrows your watch to tell you the time! We deliver real results, and we stay with you to ensure that they are delivered, often building ongoing partnerships with our clients.

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