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HML are the UK's largest multi-client third party mortgage administrator with its Head Office in Skipton, North Yorkshire. HML, together with is parent, Skipton Building Society originally employed Scrutiny (Outsourcing) to carry out an audit and look at the services provided by the current caterers.

HML moved on by asking Scrutiny to look at cost and budgets which prompted HML moving away from the client purchasing retaining discounts to HML purchasing direct. This has seen significant benefits to the bottom line. Scrutiny have been instrumental in agreeing the catering budget 2005 with the caterers.

Early in 2004, HML agreed to extend its call centre operation to Londonderry, Northern Ireland. In view of the excellent work and benefits derived on the Head Office site, HML again turned to Scrutiny for the preparation of a catering proposal and Scrutiny carried through the whole process from proposal, evaluation to final selection of the caterer. HML asked Scrutiny to take the process even further by establishing the restaurant and tendering for the provision of kitchen equipment and installation.

HML retain Scrutiny to monitor catering services and audit on all site providing a written report and recommendation.

Throughout our relationship with Scrutiny I have found them to be one of the most professional companies I have had the pleasure to work with in over 20 years in FM. The "after sales service" is second to none and the very individual and personal approach is unique.

As we move into 2005, HML have a further site opening in Padiham, East Lancs and yet again we have asked Scrutiny to work with us in selecting the caterers and setting up the facilities".

Anthony Mattock



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